July 05, 2019

New Pricing Service

New Pricing Service

One of the biggest worries about building a new home is budget. Although HebHomes try and take as much uncertainty out of this as we can by providing detailed Order of Costs for each design there are still unknowns.  The location of your site (different parts of the country can have different rates), site accessibility and site conditions, the cost of servicing and road access, the depth of foundations, the sewerage and drainage sytems - these can all cause variations to the final price. There are also the costs of changes to the design and specification.

Although the final price is never know until the building contract is signed (presuming no variations) it is possible to reduce uncertainty at an early stage. For a fee of £610 HebHomes will organise a QS to give a fully updated Order of Costs taking into account all the known site information and other costs that can be identified (such as changes to the design). This can be done before planning is submitted thus giving an opportunity to change the design if costs have increased beyond your budget.

For an additional fee the QS could also visit the site with you. This will be £300 plus expenses.  

If you would like to discuss your project, please get-in-touch.

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