Company Webinars

In December 20023 Hebhomes held our first ever webinar.  Going forward these will hosted every month with new topics and guest speakers.   This page will be for those who missed the webinar to watch, catch up and learn.  We hope it will be a valuable resource that will build up over time. 



Main Focus

Guests/Special Features


Getting Started On Your Self Build Journey

  • Our design process
  • Our build process


The Allure of Architect-Designed Kit Homes

  • Building a kit home vs. a traditional build
  • SIP vs. SFS



Discovering Your Ideal Plot

  • Plot considerations
  • Where to look for plots

DM Hall


Navigating Costs and Budgeting for Your Dream Home

  • Site conditions that affect cost
  • Design changes that affect cost

Corben Consulting

(Quantity Surveyor)


Building Sustainable Futures


  • Heating and ventilation
  • Building Fabric
  • Energy performance

Luths Services ltd

(M&E Engineers)


Financing Your Kit Home Dream


  • Self-build mortgages
  • Finance required for the design phase

Alistair Ewing

(Lending Channel)


Exploring our Design Heritage

  • Dualchas Architects affiliation
  • Design overview

Neil Stephen 

(Dualchas Architects)


Unveiling Our Unique Design Process

  • Making design changes
  • Site design



Planning & Building Control Mastery

  • Planning processes
  • Building control & regulations



The Build Process & Turnkey Solutions Uncovered

  • The tender process
  • Choosing the right contractor



Case studies & Success stories

  • Live client testimonials
  • Example builds



Working with our design specialists

  • Achieving a high-quality finish
  • How we collaborate with our interior designers



Building in Ireland

  • Design process 
  • Planning solutions


Webinar 6.0 :  Financing Your Self Build Dream

Time & Date: 1.00pm Wednesday 29th May 2024 - Hosted by Fraser Stewart. Guest Speaker Alistair Ewing of the Lending Channel.


Topics Covered:

•    Self build mortgages 
•    Bridging loans
•    Alternative financing options
•    Deposit
•    Finance for design phase
•    Kit & build invoicing schedule






Webinar 5.0 :  Building Sustainable Futures

Time & Date: 1.00pm Wednesday 1st May 2024 - Hosted by Fraser Stewart. Guest Speaker Robin Torrie of Luths Services Ltd (Building Services Engineers)


Topics Covered:

•    Building Fabric
•    Energy Performance
•    Moving Towards Passive
•    Heating and Ventilation
•    Wood Burning Stoves
•    Solar Gain Control





Webinar 4.0 :  Navigating Costs and Budgeting for Your Dream Home

Time & Date: 1.00pm Thursday 28th March 2024 - Hosted by Alasdair Stephen and Fraser Stewart. Guest Speaker Malcolm Robertson of Corben Consulting (QS).


Topics Covered:

•    Budget and Location
•    Site conditions that affect cost
•    Specification and design
•    Estimating the costs
•    Working with a Quantity Surveyor
•    Q & A





Webinar 3.0 :  Discovering Your Ideal Plot

Time & Date: 12.30pm Tuesday 27th February 2024 - Hosted by Alasdair Stephen and Fraser Stewart. Guest Speaker Jennifer Campbell of DM Hall.


Topics Covered:

•    How and where to look for plots
•    Process of offering on a plot
•    Understand where you are building
•    Plot considerations
•    Drainage solutions
•    Q & A





Webinar 2.0 :  The Allure of Architect Designed Kit Homes

Time & Date: 12.30pm Tuesday 23rd January 2024 - Hosted by Alasdair Stephen and Fraser Stewart. 


Topics Covered:

•    Benefits of a kit home
•    Sip vs SFS
•    What your alternative options are
•    What out kits include
•    A kit build vs traditional build
•    Q & A




Webinar 1.0 :  Getting Started on Your Self Build Journey

Time & Date: 12.30pm Wednesday 13th December 2023 - Hosted by Alasdair Stephen and Fraser Stewart. 


Topics Covered:

•    What to look for in a plot
•    Have a plot, what do you need to think about?
•    Planning Permission & Building Control
•    Our process from start to finish
•    The build process
•    Q & A






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