At Hebhomes, we understand that building your dream home involves careful planning, creativity, and the right financing options. That's why we have collaborated with Ecology Building Society, a trusted leader in sustainable finance. The Ecology Building Society offer a range of innovative mortgage solutions for Hebhome houses, designed specifically for self-builders using off-site construction methods. Whether you are considering raising additional finance for your project or seeking flexible and environmentally conscious mortgage options, the Ecology Building Society can help finance your Hebhome.

Raising Additional Finance Made Easy

Embarking on a self-build project often requires additional finance to acquire land, cover construction costs, or invest in premium materials. With the collaboration between Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society, raising that finance can become a seamless process. Our partnership offers you access to the pioneering "Off-site build" mortgages, which secure lending on the modular panels before they arrive on-site. This unique approach ensures you have the necessary funds at your disposal to turn your vision into reality.

Unveiling a Comprehensive Range of Mortgage Products

The collaboration between Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society goes beyond the "Off-site build" mortgages. Ecology Building Society offers an extensive portfolio of mortgage products tailored to various self-build and custom-build projects. Whether you are seeking a conventional self-build mortgage, a mortgage for a custom-build project, or their specialised C-Change mortgages that incentivise energy efficiency, Ecology Building Society could have the right solution for you. 

A Shared Commitment to Sustainability

Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society share a common vision of sustainable construction practices. With this partnership, we aim to empower self-builders to create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. Ecology Building Society's dedication to green mortgages and sustainable finance aligns perfectly with Hebhomes' commitment to delivering contemporary homes that prioritise energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Together, we can help you achieve your dream of a sustainable and beautiful home.

Experience the Future of Homebuilding

Off-site construction offers a host of advantages, including faster construction times, improved build quality, reduced waste, and lower carbon emissions. Through our collaboration with Ecology Building Society, we make these benefits accessible to our clients. By choosing Hebhomes and utilizing the "Off-site build" mortgages, you can experience the future of homebuilding. Our expertise in designing and constructing contemporary homes, combined with Ecology Building Society's financing solutions, enables you to embark on your self-build journey with confidence.


When it comes to realising your vision of a dream home, Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society are here to support you every step of the way. Our collaboration offers you access to innovative financing solutions tailored for self-builders utilizing off-site construction methods. From raising additional finance to comprehensive mortgage products and a shared commitment to sustainability, Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society have created a partnership that opens up new possibilities for your self-build project. Explore the possibilities today and start building the home of your dreams with Hebhomes and Ecology Building Society.

In addition to contacting the Ecology Building Society, we have also partnered with Perth based national broker,  The Lending Channel .  Using the services of a good, long-established broker will allow clients to gather all relevant information, putting them in a position to make an informed decision on the best way forward at an early stage, and offer them more options. 

The lending Channel can be contacted through this email address:

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