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HebHomes provides an off-the-shelf solution to developing your business.  We have worked closely with estates, hotels and small businesses to expand their facilities, helping them offer high quality and great value accommodation for the tourism market, as well as accommodation for staff.

We can also offer pre-designed 'Fast Track' kits for developers, saving on design fees and providing cost clarity.  And the Hebhomes' brand and reputation guarantees a steady streamof potential buyers through our website and marketing. 

Working alongside our sister company Dualchas Architects we can produce a feasibility study to identify opportunities. Our consultant team can carry out site and building surveys, liaise with statutory authorities and service providers, and develop a detailed masterplan for phased development. And there will be enough detail to allow a cost analysis to be carried out to feed in to a robust business plan.  

If there are existing buildings that need to be brought back to life, Dualchas Architects can develop proposals for how this is done (see here). And any Hebhomes houses that are integrated in to the development can be adapted to suit the local style – whether in the detailing of bargeboards and skews, or the specification of materials.

This combination of delivering off the-shelf efficient house types, alongside the award-winning expertise of Dualchas, means that we can offer a unique service and experience to your business.  And we also know that the popularity of our houses ameans they are frequently let at above market occupancy and rental rates.

Please get in touch so we can discuss how we can help develop your business.

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