HebHomes:  Serving the Republic of Ireland

We at HebHomes are delighted to serve the Republic of Ireland. 

Navigating through the complexities of Brexit, we have successfully made our kits available in Ireland. We have achieved this by reviewing our designs for compliance with Irish building regulations by working with Dublin-based Daly and Carroll Architecture. 

We have also partnered with SIP Energy, a leading Irish SIP manufacturer. This partnership allows us to provide our Irish customers with the same high-quality, energy-efficient, and sustainable home kits that our UK customers have come to love.

Our Offer

As always, we are committed to delivering the best to our customers. Our offer in Ireland includes our unique, architecturally designed home kits, crafted with sustainability and aesthetics in mind. When you come on board with HebHomes, we will update the design to bring it up to Irish building regulations, then your agent will check that the design complies with local regulations. We will ensure to make any amendments to the design following consultation with your agent. 

Our partnership with SIP Energy of Athenry allows us to deliver our kits directly to your doorstep in Ireland without any of the penalties or hassles of Brexit. Not only do we provide the kits, but can offer an erection service to wind and weathertight.  Unfortunaley, we do not currently offer a turnkey service in Ireland.


The HebHomes Difference: Ireland vs. UK

Our expansion into Ireland does not alter our commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable homes. The primary difference lies in the regulatory compliance and logistics.

In the UK, our home kits comply with the different UK building regulations. In contrast, in Ireland, our designs will be modified to meet the specific requirements of Irish building regulations in conjunction with your local agent. This ensures that our Irish customers enjoy the same seamless building process that our UK customers do.

We do not offer a Planning and Building Control service in Ireland but Dublin-based Daly and Carroll Architecture. can serve a wide geographical area.  Get in touch with them to take you though all the required Irish statutory approvals. Ronan Carroll can be reached at  Also download our guide to working with an agent in Ireland should be a big help.  This can be found as a guide in our Members Area.  

In terms of logistics,  our partnership with SIP Energy ensures that, despite the complexities of Brexit, our kits can be delivered directly to our Irish customers without any hassle.

At HebHomes, we remain committed to our mission of creating beautiful, sustainable homes. Whether you're in the UK or Ireland, you can trust HebHomes to deliver high-quality home kits, backed by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Hebhomes under construction in County Mayo. 

In Ireland our SIP specification for SIP Energy Systems will vary from the Hemsec SIP we use in the UK.  Likewise the payment terms will be in Euros and vary from the UK payment terms.  A separate contract for use in the Republic of Ireland will be provided.  The payment terms are as follows:

Stage 00 (Deposit) €1,100

Stage 01 (Technical Drawings Draft): 10% invoice (10% of the total kit cost) *
Stage 02 (Technical Drawings Agreed): 10% invoice (20% of the total kit cost)
Stage 03 (Kit and Window Order):   35% invoice (55% of the total kit cost)
Stage 04 (Pre-Delivery of Kit):   35% invoice (90% of the total kit cost)

Stage 05 (Post erection of Kit):   7.5% invoice (97.5% of the total kit cost)
Stage 06 (Expenses of Kit Erection):   Expenses Invoice (charged at cost)
Stage 07 (Completion of Window Installation):   2.5% Invoice (100% of total kit cost)

*Deposit paid at Sales Stage to be taken out of Stage 1 Invoice 

If you would like to discuss your project, please get-in-touch.

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