Project Sequence

It’s difficult to predict exactly how long a building project will take between the identification of a site to handing over the keys. In a process that involves the legal system, the planning system and an overworked construction industry, delays are almost inevitable – so be prepared.

However, the sequence is always largely the same:

Finance in place  

It is important as a starting point to obtain advice on your overall budget for your home. [If you are intending to use a bridging loan or mortgage, make sure it’s suitable for the project ahead.] We can put you in contact with a specialist for more information on funding.

Buy the land

Find a plot in your favoured location and make sure it is suitable for the intended purpose. You may wish to consult with a building professional, such as a chartered surveyor, prior to purchase. When you are ready to proceed, appoint a solicitor to put in a conditional offer on your behalf. Once applicable consents and legalities are dealt with, the land is yours.

We can help by referring a site search service company to use. We can also offer advice on land as part of our full Planning and Building Control and Turnkey services, or as an additional service to our Supply & Erect and Supply only services. HebHomes can guide you through the various surveys required and organise these for you.

Choose your design

Your budget and land will help guide your choice of design. We will offer advice to you and other building professionals involved to narrow this down to the most suitable. We will then help you decide on the house design that best matches your brief with your budget.

At HebHomes, we have a range of standardised house types and plan layouts to suit all families, lifestyles and budgets.

Appoint a professional

Appointing a local architect, surveyor or other construction industry professional can be invaluable when self building a house. They will act as your agent and can offer expert guidance through the whole process.

Alternatively, if you choose our Planning and Building Control, HebHomes will act as your agent to guide you through the statutory consents required. This will include the duties of Principal Designer in the pre-construction phase of the project under CDM Regulations.  In England we have teamed up with Studio Charrette who can offer this service for our customers there.

Planning Permission

This will be the responsibility of your appointed agent acting on your behalf. Your agent can also assist you in obtaining the site-specific drawings you will require. Once the application is lodged, it should take eight weeks for a decision to be reached, although it can take longer. Studio Charrette offer a planning conultation service for £200.  This is essential if you don't yet have any form of planning permission. 

We will provide drawings of your chosen design for inclusion in the submission to planning authorities - your choice of our service options will determine the level of context we will include and our involvement in site surveys etc.

Building Control Consent

We recommend that you involve a structural engineer at this stage to advise on the foundations required for your particular site. Finalise the choice of your bathroom suites and kitchen and ask your agent to tender your drawings and specification to reputable local builders. Once submitted, it usually takes between 8-12 weeks to obtain full approval.

Once planning is approved, we will issue you with a Supply only or Supply and Erect contract with an estimated kit price. Once signed, we will proceed with producing detailed construction drawings for inclusion in the submission (by you or your agent) to your local building control department. You may be able to split the Building Control application process in two stages to allow you to start on site earlier if required.

Appoint a builder

The normal process is for your agent to put your house out to tender to three reputable contractors, ideally NHBC registered. The agent will ensure that you appoint the builder offering the most suitable tender. Price is not the only consideration – for example, you may value an earlier completion date. Your agent should ensure that both the builder and yourself understand the contract you are entering into and its obligations.

If you have chosen a Turnkey service option with HebHomes, we will appoint one of our trusted affiliated contractors and not tender the job. Studio Charrette can organise a full build solution for our customers in England and Wales. 


Once Building Control Consent is approved and your main contractor is appointed, it is time to start procuring materials required for building your home. This will be your responsibility or that of your contractor to organise. Site access and connections will also need to be finalised at this stage.

It takes around 8-12 weeks for your windows to be delivered and 3 weeks for the kit to be delivered and these will be co-ordinated with your overall build.


Your site will need to be cleared, an access track installed and the suitable substructure, groundworks and foundations built.

If you are using one of our Turnkey services, our affiliated contractor will organise this for you and prepare the site for the kit erection. If you are using our Supply or Supply and Erect services, this will be organised by your main contractor.

Building Completed

This is the exciting part. With detailed drawings, professional guidance and a good builder, you can sit back and enjoy watching your house being built. After the arrival of the SIP/CLT kit and its erection by certified installers, electrical and plumbing will begin inside as the outer skin is completed externally. And when the finishes are in place and the kitchen fitted, paintwork will bring the house to life.

You will most likely need to appoint a separate Contract Administrator (CA) to administer the contract while the work is on site and we would recommend you do so.

Move In

Once the house has been granted a completion certificate by the council and approved by your agent, you can lie back on your carefully chosen sofa and admire your wonderful new home.

One your house is completed, it can be used as a potential show home where you will get a fee for opening up your home to more potential clients of ours.

If you would like to discuss your project, please get-in-touch.

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