March 28, 2012

New Airigh Range Launched

New Airigh Range Launched

Today we have uploaded the first of our Airigh range of houses.


The Airigh is inspired by the sheilings (àirighean) of the Scottish Highlands.  These small dwellings were used as summer houses when the cattle were out on the pastures.  Our range of buildings are an extremely modern interpretation of this building type.


Some Airigh's may be "off grid" in remote locations, while others could be on the croft or set within a garden. Depending on how they are used, they will have to meet different planning and building regulations - but the Airigh is adaptable to meet each particular purpose - whether a simple starter home, special holiday accommodation, or even a studio or loom shed.
One key aspect of the Airigh project is to allow crofters to provide high-quality holiday-lets at a low cost. A simple building with a wall of glass and a terrace to face the views will work wonderfully well - and could provide an important source of revenue for people in our more remote and beautiful communities.


It is different in the ease of construction - because it is in simple panels which are able to be handled by two people in to place, it is easy to transport and build. It can be erected to wind and watertight within a couple of days, keeping costs down.  But because the Airigh is modest in form and scale, we have found that discussions with planners show that they would allow these to be built in places where a more traditional house would not get planning consent. The idea is that they not only make a small imprint on the landscape due to their point foundations (minimising earth works and costs), they blend in.


A character of the sheiling is that they were often built by people within the community as summer houses and given their own personality by their owners. Although the Airigh is a fully-engineered component SIP system, they can be modified and also clad in a variety of materials so that each one is distinctive. HebHomes can provide an erection service, or people can build them themselves.  For more information visit

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