October 27, 2023

Fast Track Delivery for Speedier Homebuilding

 Fast Track Delivery for Speedier Homebuilding

Launching Fast Track Delivery for a Speedier Homebuilding Journey

We at Hebhomes are thrilled to unveil our new Fast Track Delivery service, a streamlined pathway for customers opting for the supply-only model of our Space Frame System. This service aims to significantly accelerate the delivery timeframe, ensuring a swift transition from order placement to on-site construction.

Our Managing Director, Alasdair Stephen, said, "I'm delighted to introduce this service, particularly with the Space Frame System. This innovative system heralds the future of timber frame construction with its remarkable insulation properties and green credentials. Partnering with Sisaltech for insulation augments the sustainability aspect, making this offering a substantial leap towards efficient and eco-conscious homebuilding."

Here's a snapshot of what the Fast Track Delivery service entails:


  • Expedited Delivery: Orders are prioritised to ensure a quicker delivery timeframe.
  • Ease of Assembly: The kit is designed for simple assembly by any contractor familiar with timber frame construction, accompanied by clear instructions.
  • Time Efficiency: Fixed design approach reduces lead times across various project stages.
  • Ideal for Small Developers: Efficient delivery of multiple units facilitates better project management.
  • Early On-Site Work Commencement: Streamlined building regulation stages, especially beneficial for clients in England.


  • Fixed Design: Designs are set, with alterations limited to rotation or flipping to suit plot specifics.
  • Supply-Only: Service is available for supply-only orders of our Space Frame System.

Fast Track Delivery isn’t just a service; it’s our commitment to aligning with the practical demands and pace of modern homebuilding while nurturing the ethos of sustainability. Experience a seamless and quicker path to realising your Hebhomes aspiration.

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