Fast Track Service

Swift, Simple, Superior

We are excited to introduce our new Fast Track Service at Hebhomes, designed with the foresight to accelerate the realisation of your dream home. This service is extended to customers choosing a supply-only option of our innovative Space Frame System.

Opting for our Fast Track Service not only expedites the delivery process but also puts your order on a priority track in our factory, ensuring a swift transition from concept to construction. The design framework is set, allowing for adjustments such as rotation or flipping to suit plot specifics. This fixed design approach trims down the lead times significantly, saving precious months that would otherwise be spent in drawings, client liaisons, engineering, and fabrication stages.

Only with Space Frame

A standout feature of the Space Frame System is its ease of assembly. Unlike the Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) construction, assembling our Space Frame System kit can be effortlessly undertaken by any contractor familiar with timber frame construction. The kit arrives with clear, easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making the building process straightforward and hassle-free.

For our clients in England, the streamlined building regulation stage under this service ensures that on-site work can commence much quicker as compared to Scotland, a valuable time-saving advantage. This feature is particularly beneficial for keeping project timelines and budgets on track.

The Fast Track Service is also an attractive option for small developers. The efficiency in delivering multiple units in a shorter timespan without compromising on quality makes project management smoother and more predictable.


  • Expedited Delivery: Significant reduction in delivery time by prioritising these orders in our factory.
  • Ease of Assembly: Any contractor familiar with timber frame construction can easily assemble the kit, with straightforward instructions included.
  • Time-Saving: Reduced lead times in drawings, engineering, and fabrication stages.
  • Ideal for Small Developers: Efficient delivery of multiple units aiding in better project management.
  • Early On-Site Work Commencement: Particularly beneficial for clients in England due to streamlined building regulation stages.


  • Fixed Design: The design is set with the only alterations allowed being rotation or flipping to adjust to plot specifics.
  • Supply-Only: This service is available for supply-only orders of our Space Frame System.

It's Straightforward

Our Fast Track Service is a reflection of our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers by offering a straightforward, quicker, and efficient path to achieving a high-quality Hebhomes dwelling. Discover the benefits of Fast Track Service and take a step closer to making your Hebhomes aspiration a reality, quicker.

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