SFS Explained

Our Space Frame System (SFS) has been developed exclusively for Hebhomes with Scottish company Ochil Timber using their SpaceStud and SpaceRafter technology.  We achieve u-values of 0.16 W/m2K as standard. This can be improved further if desired. 

Space Stud

The space stud itself comprises of two timber flanges, spaced apart with SpaceStud clips and plated timber end blocks, providing overall stud depths of 297mm. With less material used in construction compared to solid timber and other systems, SpaceStud is both cost-effective and efficient, and reduces the risk of cold-bridging found in standard stud panels.

Further advantages of the SpaceStud extends to structural performance, with a 20% improvement in racking resistance over standard 38 x 140mm single sheathed timber frame panels.  Our panels are fitted with rigid insulation batts which are firmly held in place so they cannot move or sag while being transported.

Space Rafters

Similarly, the roof panels are made up using the SpaceRafter system, and the upper floor uses the SpaceJoist.

When the panels arrive on site they can be simply connected together, with the membrane being taped at the junctions, ensuring the timber is protected and the construction happens as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Better than Timber Frame

To summarise, our SFS product offers the following advantages over standard timber stud construction:

Superior thermal performance (U values)
Improved racking performance
Reduced thermal bridging
Reduced use of materials
Simple and rapid erection
Cost effective
Deeper wall widths

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