CLT Explained

Our housing range is also available in cross-laminated timber (CLT), in partnership with Binderholz of Austria. CLT has all the benefits of our closed-panel and SIP systems – that is, strength, speed of construction, stability, and so on. But it is created entirely of wood from sustainable forests. That makes it the ultimate green method of construction and the perfect material for eco kit houses. It has a layer of woodfibre board fixed externally, giving a nominal u-value of 0.15 W/m2K as standard.

What is CLT?

CLT is a multilayer construction of solid wood. Warping of the wood (swelling or shrinkage) is reduced to a negligible level by bonding longitudinal and transverse layers together. More information about the relevant product, CLT BBS, can be found over on the Binderholz website here.

The solid finished component is effectively a single piece of wood – with just 0.6% comprising environmentally friendly glue – and is fireproof while having sound and heat insulating properties.

Wood fibre Insulation

The outer walls of the CLT kit require further insulation to be applied. We offer wood fibre insulation as part the kit supply. This is made up of organic matter, is breathable and a healthy alternative to standard insulation types. More information on the advantages of wood fibre insulation can be found here.

The green choice

The CLT flat-pack home is our most expensive option, both due to material cost and the additional cost of transporting to the UK. But environmental concerns are very important to us and to many of our customers – and CLT with wood fibre insulation is the most environmentally sustainable construction method on the market.

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